My Google page proves it--I am a prolific writer.  I have been featured on HealthyPlace.com and Mapquest's Parachute website.  I also have one paperback and two e-books published.  Need something written by a pro?  Contact me!

Upcycled Art

It started with lamps made from upcycled bottles and grew from there.  Whether you want a Jimi Hendrix tie-dyed lamp or a Pepsi bottle piggy bank, you can find it in my store!  I also take custom orders.

Odd Finds

People tell me I have an eye for the offbeat--here is my store of items that didn't fit in the writing or art category.

Cover of Lonely Ants

Lonely Ants Die Young, Tired, and Hungry

I know what it's like to be lonely. In 2008, I was court-ordered to a corrupt state-run rehab facility. I lost everything but my ability to read and write--and used those two coping skills to fight the loneliness of addiction and confinement. You will learn how to fight back against the emptiness in this book, available on Amazon in both paperback and ebook forms.

Comforting Tamar

More than 20 publishers rejected this Bible study for sexual assault survivors, and that's a conservative estimate. In this Bible study, I explore rape in the Bible and how it can apply to today. The Bible is actually one of the most radical women's rights documents for its time, with protections and justice for the survivor--the rapist was either executed or forced to provide for her for the rest of his life. God even compares rape to murder. Sadly, sexual violence is still a taboo topic in the church despite being a rampant problem--this book is just one way to fight back.

Church in Fletcher Place

Next Steps...

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