Money Monday: Free Amazon Gift Cards

Let’s face it, sometimes Amazon is cheaper than the store, even when you factor in shipping. And does it get much better than finding a rare object and having it delivered? I know from shopping for rat food that sometimes you just can’t beat Amazon–but what about free Amazon? You can earn free Amazon gift cards on several apps, and how much you earn depends on how diligent you are–I average about one $10 gift card every 10 days and I’m not always on top of it. Here are the best apps and websites for free Amazon–please use my link if you visit them so I can get credit (and free Amazon) for referring you.

1) Penny Hoarder vouches for this site, and that’s good enough for me. I’ve earned both PayPal and Amazon credit on this website. There are many ways to earn Swagbucks, ranging from taking surveys (which I hate, but they pay the fastest) to entering codes (be sure to download the SwagCode bar) to watching videos. There are frequent contests, typically raffles and a Bingo-type game called Swago. 100 Swagbucks are worth $1. You can also link a debit or credit card and earn Swagbucks for spending money at certain vendors–including Amazon.

2) QuickThoughts. This is a smartphone app that lets you fill out surveys, with a 10-cent reward for attempting the survey and a $1.00 reward for completing a survey. Surveys typically last 10 minutes, but there are shorter ones–the app tells you up front how long the survey will take. Best of all, the app usually screens out surveys you don’t qualify for. Amazon is the only thing you can earn on this app, and only in $10 increments. You earn cards FAST on this turkey, with several surveys available over the course of a day.

3) Dunk Reward. Warning–this app frequently freezes, but you can earn up to $100 in gift cards. It’s a daily game of mini-games, such as wheels of fortune, slot machines, and basketball dunks. You have to watch adds in exchange for your points, with the amount of points being determined by the mini-games. I do not recommend this one whole-heartedly due to the freezing, but will say it’s a good one if you want to kill some time.

4) Lucky Day. Like scratch-offs? Me too! I only play them once a year, at the Indiana State Fair, because they have a special one that allows you to win swag such as a T-shirt (I accidentally wore one Pick Four shirt to church). Lucky Day’s claim to fame is its free virtual scratch-offs, which allow you to win real money but require a $10 minimum to cash out. You can also earn points to trade in for gifts such as an Amazon gift card (which typically sells out pretty quickly). Other games on Lucky Day include a wheel of fortune, a daily and monthly raffle, and blackjack.

5) Mobile Performance Meter. All you do is download this and let it run–that’s it! Seriously. You earn a certain number of points per day and can cash in points for gift cards from a number of vendors, from Amazon to Virtual Visa. E-mail me at for a link.

6) Fetch Rewards. A cashback app that has several vendors, from A1 Steak Sauce to Wolfgang Puck. You can get a $3 gift card for 3000 points, all the way up to a $50 gift card for 50,000 points.

7) Panel App. You earn points every day just for having the app on your phone, and you earn more points for filling out a survey on your location.

Know any apps that let you get your Amazon fix for free? Post it in the comments!

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