Becky-Oberg X-Men

My Approach

I want what we all want--to be able to live a comfortable life pursuing my dreams.  To that extent, I design and sell functional art, with an emphasis on art made from upcycled materials.  My main area of expertise is lamps.  I am also a writer, so please check out my blog!

My  Story

I earned a degree in journalism from Baylor University in Texas, and have used it in ways I never dreamed.  I signed my first book deal in my twenties, and have made a somewhat steady income by writing for different clients before venturing out on my own.  I also create art from upcycled materials, with an emphasis on it having some sort of function.  For example, lamps made from glass bottles that are a beauty to behold as well as light your room up.  I am disabled by schizophrenia, so I'm constantly trying to find ways to earn money to live a somewhat comfortable life.  I write a blog with advice on arts and crafts, investing, and ways to save money.  My long-term goal is to get off SSDI while having enough to pay for my medical treatment. My short-term goal is to share my art with you!

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