A quick Google search can turn up several hundred matches to my work, whether that's my trade paperback, one of my two e-books, or one of God only knows how many articles.  I have been featured on HealthyPlace.com and Mapquest.  If you need something written, contact me for an estimate.  I generally charge 10 cents a word--don't worry, I won't use six words when one will do!

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Upcycled Art

It started with lamps made from soda bottles and grew from there.  I turn trash into functional treasure, whether that's a lamp, an advent calendar made from cans of SPAM, or a piggy bank made from a Pepsi bottle.  I also do custom pieces.  Contact me for an estimate.

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Odd Finds

This is my offbeat collection of clutter for sale.

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My Main Message

I am a writer and artist trying to come off SSDI while still having the money to treat my disability.

I am mainly known as a writer, but I also have a shop of offbeat finds and a wide selection of original handmade functional art.  Don't see what you like?  E-mail me and tell me what you're looking for!  I'll do my best to find it or create it!

Wonder how I'm able to do all this while on SSDI and working part-time in a restaurant for $8.50 an hour?  Go to my blog for arts and crafts advice, investment tips, and sneaky savings strategies!

Next Steps...

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